About Us

YourH2Home specializes in all thing related to water in your home: water heaters, water softeners, filters, and pools. What makes us different from other websites?

Well, we are a collection of expert writers with industry experience.

Meet Our Team

Judson Jones


I am passionate about taking care of pools and started over 20 years ago as a young entrepreneur taking care of several neighbor’s pools in the Houston, TX area.  Now I live in Prosper, TX, and am known as the Prosper Pool Consultant:

I specialize in solving short-term pool issues with the goal of educating that customer so that they never need my services in the future.  It is a unique business model, but I find it very rewarding to see pool owners gain the confidence and tools to manage their pools themselves.

Amir Bashir

Amir Bashir

I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and have written for a number of nationally recognized publications in the home improvement space. My skills include fluid mechanics and process engineering and I have worked on numerous projects, including in wastewater flow rate calculation and heat balance of steam rollers in the paper industry. My goal as a technical writer is to make complicated topics easy to understand for the average person.